To detect atmospheric pressure, the atmospheric pressure sensor built into the ECM is used in the common rail system. Following the changes in the atmospheric pressure, the ECM corrects the fuel injection volume, timing and duration, and adjusts the common rail internal fuel pressure for optimizing combustion.

Diagnosis system 2AD-FHV

When troubleshooting Europe On-Board Diagnostic (Euro-OBD) vehicles, the vehicle must be connected to an OBD scan tool (complying with ISO 15765-4). Various data output from the vehicle's ECM can then be read. Euro-OBD regulations require that the vehicle's on-board computer illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on the instrument panel when the computer detects a malfunction in:

Terminals of ecm 2AD-FHV

HINT: Each ECM terminal's standard voltage is shown in the table below. In the table, first follow the information in "Condition". Look at "Symbols (Terminal No.)" for the terminals to be inspected. The standard voltage between the terminals is shown in "Specified Condition". Use the illustration above as a reference for the ECM terminals.